Renting is a thing of the past, Here’s why:

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I get calls all the time from people looking to find a place to rent because they’re currently renting and their lease is about up. Once we start talking I realize they have no idea they could be living in a home they own with a cheaper payment than it cost to rent! I’ve outlined a few keys below that if you can follow them, you too can own a home of your own. Read More

How To Buy A Commercial Building

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is the next level. ┬áHere’s a few things I can share with you about getting into commercial real estate.

  1. You can purchase commercial buildings using your own name or using your business name under a corporation or LLC. The only catch is you need to make sure you can be pre-qualified first by a lender before you start looking into a purchase.
  2. Commercial projects are usually a larger investment that would require a 20 to 25 percent down payment.
  3. I can help you negotiate the best purchase price possible. I can navigate you through the steps necessary to get you started.

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