Renting is a thing of the past, Here’s why:

By March 18, 2018Buying Tips

I get calls all the time from people looking to find a place to rent because they’re currently renting and their lease is about up. Once we start talking I realize they have no idea they could be living in a home they own with a cheaper payment than it cost to rent! I’ve outlined a few keys below that if you can follow them, you too can own a home of your own.

  1. Where’s your credit at? If you have generally good credit, and you have a steady job, you will more then likely qualify for a home mortgage. Best of all, the mortgage rates are still low enough that you can get an extremely low payment.
  2. F.H.A. – FHA or “Federal Housing Administration” is a government regulated system designed to help people purchase a home without having to come up with a large down payment.  With rates starting at 3.5%, you could find yourself in a beautiful home.
  3. Location – if you’re tired of paying rent, there are many homes available including new construction in many areas.
  4. Ready to go? We can walk through these homes as soon as you get yourself pre-qualified for a home loan. It’s a simple process. I’d love to help you get into your next home. To contact me, just Click Here.

Contact me today if you’d like some help finding a great home to buy replace your current rental!



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